Team Oberdeck

Spring Break

I’m about to say something that will seriously annoy most of my stay-at-home parent friends:  I really enjoyed Spring Break.  24/7 with the girls seemed daunting…..but without trying very hard we had a crazy-packed week.  I kept our Monday as Just Us Girls and it was a spectacular way to start.  Evelyn has been giving me some serious push-back on rules & boundaries lately, so I wasn’t sure how it would go…..but she really stepped it up.  Even the weather cooperated!!  We started our morning early – breakfast in the car, even – and went up to a favorite beach-side park.  After chasing around some hermit crabs, we snacked on a picnic lunch.  Claire fell asleep before we’d even left the parking lot… on a whim…..I decided to check out the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  I’d been curious about it, and another friend had mentioned it just that morning, so it was fresh on the brain.  I wouldn’t call it Kid Friendly – lots of driving between fields, lots of “Don’t Touch That!”, lots of older ladies “tsk tsk-ing” the kids (who were doing GREAT)……..though there were ample ice cream stops.  It was not a trip I could have done with anyone else.  All my attention was on the girls and the tulips, but it was amazing.  Gorgeous color – mountains on both sides – alpaca farms! – it turned out to be a great day.

The color was so intense, in fact, that the off-brand lens I had on my camera couldn’t handle the reds.  They’re a blur.  I’ve never gotten images back like that.

And while the day was lovely and I’m so grateful to have seen it – – – I hope to get back up there some year in the rain.  (without kiddos)  My shutter-bug self wants to get some of those dramatic foggy images that belong in galleries.

We’ve been so fortunate to enjoy a Spring Break – IN SEATTLE – that actually felt like spring!  From what I hear, that’s pretty unusual….and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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