Team Oberdeck


Earlier this month Andrew had three days between work-related travel.  He hardly ever travels these days, so it was kinda brutal for me…..

While he was home, we decided to ignore everything at home and take a Road Trip.  Why not??

He’d heard of a canyon in Eastern Washington that he really wanted to see, and I was ready for some more sun / desert weather.  Did you know that there’s an desert on the other side of the mountains?  Or, I guess, a “steppe”?  For realz.  It’s beautiful in a completely different way.  So, in true ‘us’ fashion, we decided to go on Friday night.  Saturday morning we were on the road by 10am and trekked the 4.5 hours to Palouse Falls.  They were – amazing – an enormous canyon that comes out of seemingly nowhere.  A friend let us know about the kayak tour.  You can decide what you think of that…..

Then there was a hotel stay.  It’s been so long since we were in a hotel that Evelyn had forgotten all about them.  Shocking!!  I was amazed at how fun that part was – it’s WAY more fun with two kids than one (I never thought THAT would be the case!!)

The girls were up so early the next morning that we had time to lounge at the hotel breakfast.  (PS – I love breakfast food)  And, on a whim, we drove back home through the Columbia River Gorge.  I remembered a hike past Horsetail Falls and through the Oneonta Gorge we’d taken on our trip out here in 2007 and actually found it!  It’s an incredible loop hike – beautiful even on a drizzly afternoon – Evelyn and Claire both loved hiking behind the waterfall!  No “good” pics through the gorge – it was raining and we’d had a few meltdowns in the car on the way (which we expected) due to the night in the hotel.  I assumed I’d be carrying Evelyn through part of the trail, what with the melting down and lack of sleep, so I left the camera behind…..but that little trooper amazed us both and hiked the whole thing.  I’m still amazed at her tenacity.

All told, it was roughly 12 hours in the car in 2 days…..and it was amazing.  The girls did great and we only had to break out the movies for the tail end of the trip.

I’m really excited for this summer   🙂

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