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I am well aware that I read to Evelyn as a baby more often than Claire.  I’m over the guilt of this and it’s just a plain ol’ fact.

Claire has Evelyn to read to her.  “read.”  They make it work.

We’re gearing up for the last bedtime bottle around here.  It’s not quite time yet, but we’re setting a more regular bedtime routine in preparation.  It includes story time.  She’s so antsy to get to bed most nights that we don’t get through the book before she’s flipping out, trying to get to her crib.  (Seriously – but she’s also had trouble sleeping through lately, so don’t be too jealous)  I wasn’t sure how much was sinking in from Story Time.

After only a few weeks, she has a favorite book.  She carries it around the house and asks us to read her “Bug”.  She recently woke up in the middle of the night with the sole wish to read stories with me (how do you say no to that???).  I make even more of an effort to sit and read with her during the day, but she’s also taking more interest in getting out books on her own (they’re available in every room of the house).  So awesome.

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