Team Oberdeck


Andrew and I have been missing baseball.  We both love it.  Loyal to the St Louis Cardinals through and through…..we are also fans of the game itself.  I don’t enjoy watching just anyone on TV, but I LOVE going to a game.

The UW Huskies are finishing up their baseball season and we spent a Tuesday evening at the game a few weeks ago.  I shuttled the girls on the bus – we missed the one we wanted and wound up on the opposite end of campus.  No worries.  UW is one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever seen – especially on a day like that, with the mountains out and all sorts of stuff in bloom – and it was a pleasure to stroll through on our way to the stadium.iphone05132014.168


We even ran into the infamous ducklings and their fabulous bridge.iphone05132014.169

Andrew didn’t make it to the game until later in the 7th inning, but we thoroughly enjoyed the new stadium – there isn’t a bad seat in the house.  The pitching was kinda rough for awhile, making it a very slow game, but the girls and I had a great time anyway.  Evelyn had some great questions about baseball (“so…..who are the players here, anyway?”  and “but what if I don’t like peanuts or knackercracks?” and “where are the huskies, anyway?  How do dogs play baseball?”)  I think she asked some just to make our seat-neighbors chuckle.  Claire, on the other hand, was thrilled to switch between popcorn, hot dog bun, some sun glasses and Evelyn’s purple hat (thank you, nana).  Evelyn met the Husky mascot and we all soaked up some sunshine 🙂 We made it through 6 innings before moving over to the grassy knoll, where the rest of the evening was spent rolling down the hill.

Brought home a winner that evening.  So fun.  HOORAY FOR SUMMER TIME!!!

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