Team Oberdeck

Camping….2 of 4

Last weekend we found ourselves camping….again.  It was Andrew’s Father’s Day Request.  I seem to notice a trend in his Father’s Day requests…

It was a rough trip from the start.  There’s a lot of other things going on in our lives right now – all good things – but they take my attention and I wasn’t really able to pack well.  Then there was the bee……about an hour into the drive, Evelyn was stung on the face by a bee that had gotten in to the car.  Ugh.  Poor thing.  Not the best way to start a trip…..but a cookies’n’cream ice cream bar helped ease her suffering quite a bit.

Andrew chose Lake Wenatchee for this trip’s destination because we really wanted to get the girls out on the water.  Unfortunately, as with our last trip to a lake, it was far too windy to get out.  FAR TOO WINDY.  We can do cold or rain or sweltering heat….but Oh my goodness gracious, what wind.  It was so windy, in fact, that my children didn’t even want to spend time on the playground.  That speaks volumes.

Were it not for the wind, it was a lovely campground.  Almost no privacy between campsites, which is a bummer, but the lake is lovely and the surrounding area is beautiful.  We hadn’t explored much off Highway 2 yet, so this was a nice change.

We did a short little hike on Saturday – tiny really – as Claire seems to enjoy all-nighters when she first finds herself in a tent and we were all a bit tired.  It wasn’t as bad as our previous trip…..because we were better prepared…..but we were still feeling it.  We spent most of Claire’s nap time hanging out in the sunshine at a lake on that trail – it was a bit more hidden, so to speak, and therefore sheltered from the wind.

On Sunday we woke with a full night’s rest (thank you, Claire!) but still exhausted from fighting with the wind and chasing down Claire every ten seconds…..she earned herself a new nickname on this trip…..Claire, Destroyer Of Worlds.  Toddler curiosity is a perfectly normal and beautiful thing to watch…..but one does need a bit of respite from time to time, and this campsite did not provide ANY relief because of its lack of wooded barriers.  She took off in all directions.  All the time.  I’m exhausted just remembering it.

We gave up – collapsed the camp – and headed into the remarkably weird town of Leavenworth.  It’s completely done to the likeness of an old Bavarian village.  It’s a bit much for me, honestly, but it does make for some great people watching and the sausages at the Munchen Haus are just unbelievable.  We’ve been there before and I will continue to eat there whenever I can.  Nom.  I think the highlight of my camping trip may have been that meal….and the coffee tasting we did shortly after.  We drove home through the Blewitt and Snoqualime Passes, losing count of all the fruit stands and cherry trucks along the way.  When we got back Seattle Side, I learned from the pizza delivery guy that it had been a thoroughly gloomy weekend in the city.  Well.  It wasn’t my favorite trip, but I’ll take the sunshine and call it a win.

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