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15 Months

I used to scoff at the “15-month check”.  It just didn’t seem like a significant marker for anything.  Having had my two girls, I can appreciate the monumental growth that takes place between 12, 15 and 18 months.  It’s astonishing.  These pictures were taken back late May and I’m already shocked at how different she appears today.

So.  At 15 months, Claire is up to everything.  She’s into everything and she wants to try to do everything.  She has little fear and amazing control over her limbs.  She was still having trouble going down stairs at 15 months, though she’s mastered it now, and she’s been going UP stairs with ease for quite some time.  She’s walking, running, loves soccer and tag, and going for walks.  She’ll often bring me her shoes and then sit, banging on the door, asking to go outside.  This girl knows what she wants.

She doesn’t have many words at this point, for which I am thankful, because I’m savoring her babbling.  It’s the most beautiful sound – and she cracks herself up doing it.  It’s no trouble to understand her, either, as she’s mastered the Grunt & Point method.  She answers questions with either an emphatic “more” sign, a distinct point, or a vehement head shaking “NO.”  It works.  We are left marveling at how many of our words she understands.  She’ll even answer affirmatively if she needs a diaper change…..sometimes…..which is rather surprising at her age.

Signing is a pretty great tool for Claire.  As memory serves, Evelyn grasped the idea of signing just as she was gaining words, so it didn’t help much.  Claire, however, signs for lots of things – more, all done, I want you to wash my hands, please, eat, milk, bottle, water, outside, and diaper change.  She’s also known to do the full on lay out on the floor completely boneless tantrum when we just can’t seem to figure out what she’s pointing at……but those are already lessening.

I’ve finally convinced her that one nap is plenty each day.  She’s resumed sleeping at night, unless her teeth are bothering her, and wakes up a very happy kiddo.  She’s an amazing eater – she even enjoys rather intense flavors, like some of the buffalo chicken mac’n’cheese we picked up at the farmer’s market last weekend.  She likes cucumbers and eats snap peas right off the vines in the yard.  She loves bread and cheese and has a green smoothie almost every morning for breakfast (a portable breakfast allows me to get her sister to whatever camp is on the docket for the day – double bonus).  Her absolute favorite foods, though, are watermelon, crackers, and yogurt.  Hands down.

While I wouldn’t say she is quick to smile, her laugh makes people stop in their tracks.  It’s unexpected and totally infectious.  She makes you earn her smile, and then it lights up her face.  In the last few months she’s gotten much more affectionate – hugs, snuggles, reaching out for people, patting someone’s back so very sweetly – and being a total mama with her dolls.  She sings to us and loves to dance.  She and Evelyn are great friends, too – they play well together, most of the time, and she immediately warms to other kids in the park around Evelyn’s age.

Claire is so fun to watch right now.  She throws herself whole heartedly into everything she does – launching herself into a run, throwing herself up onto a chair, yelling at the top of her lungs to check for echoes, the works.  She’s fun and mischievous and absolutely has our number – and she seems to enjoy seeing us laugh.

I snapped these pics in the yard awhile ago – not my best work, certainly, but Claire was in her element.  That’s the most important part.

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