Team Oberdeck

First Graduation

Last month, almost to the day, Evelyn graduated from preschool.  I can hardly believe it.  It seems like just yesterday we were enrolling her…..this is Evelyn on her first day of K3 :


And here she is on her first day of K4 :


















And finally, her last day of K4 :06192014.051

Oh my, she is growing up so quickly!!!  This school has been amazing for our family.  It’s helped Evelyn gain confidence and taught her to embrace the power of her words – in a good way.  It’s helped me learn to trust her – to let her challenge me – to let her try new things, even if it means she’ll fail epically.

This is the school that saw Evelyn through the transition to Seattle.  They held her hand through her transition to Big Sisterhood.  They walked with her through so many HUGE moments in the last two years.  She’s come through it all relatively well-adjusted (so far as we can tell) and we’re thrilled at the independence she’s gained through their gentle coaching.  Her teachers are warm and genuine – they have an awesome calming influence – and I’ve learned a ton about parenting my firecracker from watching their actions and listening to their word choice.

Failing is better than not trying.  It’s OK to make a mistake, so long as you learn for it.  That applies to Grown Ups, too.  Make new friends – keep the old – One is silver and the other gold.  Thanks, WM, for all the opportunities to be human – to make mistakes and accomplishments – for Evelyn AND for me 🙂

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