Team Oberdeck

St Louis – June

Oh my goodness, Friends, I have SO many fun photos to share with you.  It’s been a crazy two months – in fact, I can hardly believe it’s ONLY been two months – but it’s been packed full of goodness.  I’ve gotten some time this past week to start uploading from memory cards.  The process has been daunting, but I’m really cooking now….

Almost immediately after Evelyn’s preschool graduation, we headed back to my hometown for a few days.  It was a short trip to begin with, packed with a mini trip as well, making it feel super short.  There were days spent in my tiny hometown – in StL – in Lawrence, KS – and even a quick stop off to see some of Kansas City’s finest people.  I think I took about 400 photos over the week, but I promise not to share them all with you  🙂

This trip wasn’t easy.  It was quite difficult, actually – between the heat, the almost-daily thunderstorms (while I love them, my girls’ aren’t as enamored), the constant on-the-go of our itinerary – it was a tiring trip.  It even ended with drama  our flight plan was derailed and we ended up with the very last seats on the very last flight to Seattle that night (I’d already started scouting out spots to sleep with the kids in the airport as all the local hotels were booked). But.  This family keeps going – we find the good – like the covered Rasp-beer-ita tent during the downpour at Grant’s Farm (because Seattleites don’t mind a little rain).  Or the car conversations as Claire learns new words.  Or Evelyn sharing her special pillow with Andrew because he, “our hero”, had been waiting in line for info at the airport.  Or Claire, thrilled with all things that move, who couldn’t get enough of the people movers.  Or sharing the airport terminal with the LA Galaxy team – – – and feeling that much more like celebrities 🙂  It’s one thing to enjoy a trip when it all goes smoothly.  It’s another thing entirely when you have to field one curveball after another……and you still enjoy the trip.

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