Team Oberdeck

Orcas Island

Next installment of photos.  It’s hard to choose what to blog about.

Andrew’s parents came to visit and timed it with a conference that his dad wanted to attend on Orcas Island.  We’d had Moran State Park on our camping list since before we moved here, so we timed our trip out with them….and then his sister and her husband came out as well.  A good ol’ family gathering, just missing a few very important people.  It was great to have the best of both worlds – we camped in our tent and got our fix of nature and No Screen time.  We’ve all been trying to cut back in a big way around here, but we don’t allow any screen time while we’re camping.  At the same time, we had access to a kitchen and showers thanks to his parents’ hotel accommodations.  We didn’t end up using many of the amenities, but knowing they were available was really nice.

We did, however, have a fantastic time.  Orcas has a little bit of everything we love in one place.  We kayaked.  We swam. We hiked.  We had views.  There was plenty of wildlife.  The town is cute and not too kitschy.  It was awesome.  Evelyn’s favorite part of the trip was kayaking with us – we found a 3 person kayak, left Claire with her grandparents to nap, and saw some beautiful wildlife – sea stars, Dungeness crabs, otters, bald eagles, seals – just gorgeous.  I’ll admit – it was my favorite part, too.  Enjoy the pics!

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