Team Oberdeck

Magnuson Park – Children’s Garden

My mother has a degree in horticulture.  Growing up, we’d identify flowers everywhere we went.  Even my brother knows a Brown Eyed Susan when he sees one.  My parents still have a huge garden – thanks to them, I fully understand the value of a home grown tomato.

Right after we got back from camping – literally – that same night – my mom flew in.  While it’s always awesome to have Nana in town, it was especially helpful this time as I was battling a stomach virus while trying to unpack and gear up for Evelyn’s birthday party.  Not a great combination.  I’m not sure what I would have done without her help!  I did try to spend some time with her, too – not just pass the children off and take naps (though there was definitely some of that!).  One afternoon we took her to the Children’s Garden and P-Patch at a nearby park.  It was fun to see her pass on the same information to my girls that she’d given me – and I think she was duly impressed when Evelyn pointed out the artichokes (though she won’t actually eat them, she knows what they look like).  It’s a great spot to wander and get LOTS of ideas for our own garden at home.  AND – about 50% of the gardens up there have signs that they give their produce to soup kitchens and elderly assistance programs.  I think that’s awesome.

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