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Evelyn turned 5 years old at the end of July.  What a milestone.  I remember when she was born and feeling like this was an eternity away.  Sure, we’d get there some day, but school-age was a loooong way off.  Unfortunately / Fortunately, that’s not true.  We’re already there.

She’s amazing – she takes my breath away and she drives me crazy.  One moment she’s spot on with logic and reason….but she is hampered by her 5-year-old attention span (though that is increasing daily).   She still reverts to the occasional temper tantrum, and they are epic when they appear, yet more and more she’s able to put words to her frustrations and work through them.  She curious and rarely hesitates to ask questions of anyone.  She’s sensitive to others, she’s so creative, she loves reading and telling stories and acting them out for all the world.  Recently she’s been getting into character – slipping into a heroine’s perspective, like Fairy Queen or Elsa (from Frozen) or the Teacher Unicorn – and is shockingly good at keeping her point of view consistent.  She loves to make people laugh, especially Claire, yet is stellar at taking time for herself through art, stories, or playing make-believe in her own space.  I love to hear her talking to her “class” about whatever happens to be spinning in her brain at that moment.  What a gift to hear such ramblings.

It’s hard to remember at times that she’s tottering between these two worlds – the preschooler at home with Mama, doing arts and crafts, going on nature walks at 11am on a Tuesday – – – and the school aged kiddo, immersed in school subjects, able to go full throttle all day without that quiet time after lunch, and more interested in hanging out with friends than family.  Most days she’s in the first group, but I’m getting glimpses of the second – I get whiplash trying to keep up.  Don’t worry – I already know that these fluctuations only get worse as she gets older.  Please don’t try to tell me all about what to expect down the road……I’ll get there when I get there.

She had a great time at her party – thank you to everyone who came, sent cards, or called.  She gets spoiled rotten on her birthday every year, to everyone’s enjoyment.  She loves her gifts and has already gotten great use of them.  Some were asking for the pattern I used to make the Elsa costume – – – it’s here.  The piñata was the crowning touch on her “rainbow confetti” party.  She’d been asking for one for years and we surprised her with an indestructible one – – – the adults had to chime in – – – and after some whiffs, a broken stick, and some determined little girls, Andrew finally saved the day and decapitated El Burro.  All in the name of a good party.

We’re so proud of her and excited to see who she’ll become over the next year.  Kindergarten.  Seriously?!?


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