Team Oberdeck


All my Missouri friends want to know why I’m about to blog about St Louis University.  I’m not.  Fooled you!!

While my mom was here we took a day trip to explore a new part of the city for me – South Lake Union.  I never stop to look around because of the Mercer Mess. Never.  In order to avoid it this time, we took a bus downtown and grabbed the new-ish street car.  All told, it was about 45 minutes, but we didn’t have to mess with parking OR Mercer Ave.  Totally worth it, especially with my girls’ love for mass transit.

The idea was to explore the Center for Wooden Boats as well as the outdoor ships docked at MOHAI.  It didn’t actually happen, though…my girls were completely enthralled with the fountains in the South Lake Union park.  We got a really happy surprise when we ran into some friends there, too.  A city feels so much more like “home” when you start running into people you know outside your neighborhood and by chance.

We have more exploring to do in this neighborhood, for sure.  Perhaps next time we’ll get past the fountains……but perhaps not……and that’s OK, too!

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