Team Oberdeck

Sunrise – Dege Peak

It’s not possible to get enough time on Mount Rainier (if that’s your thing at all).  We wound up with a free day toward the end of August and decided to take a family field trip.  We’ve done so many amazing things this summer with visitors, but time with Just Us Four has been scarce.

The drive is about 3 hours, give or take, which has become expected of our girls.  They handled it like champs.  We decided to park at Sunrise, the highest point in the park, and do a ridge hike with some alpine meadows.  We knew it was going to push Evelyn a bit, especially with this ascent at the end, but figured we’d just get as far as we could.  She wound up powering through the entire thing…..and Claire got her first chance to hike in Rainier a bit.

The clouds were hanging over the mountain face, which was kinda disappointing, but also kind of amazing.  We were hoping to see a few mountain goats, but the fog was just too thick.  Just when I was starting to get whiny about the clouds, I remembered the most amazing thing – this was a day trip.  We live here.  We can always come back another time.  That never ceases to amaze me.  AND, the clouds kept many city-folk off the mountain, leaving the trail much quieter for my family.  Bonus.

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