Team Oberdeck

Summer Camps

Over the summer, in addition to all the visitors and camping and day trips, there was the smattering of Summer Camps.  Because we are crazy.  In case you wondered.  Evelyn and I discussed her options together – decided on some fun activities – choosing to enroll in a few places to see which programs we liked – which were run well – and which we’ll never mess with again.

Evelyn was not a fan of any camps, it turns out.  Pirate week didn’t have enough pirates.  She was the only girl in soccer camp.  Her multi-sport camp was mostly older kids who were faster than her….which totally ticked her off.  Somehow she managed to come home smiling…..until I asked her how the day went….then came the scowl.  I never really did figure that one out.  She mostly suffered because she wasn’t “in the mood” to make new friends.  I get that.

However, we have both been very glad for all that practice walking in to a room of strangers and feeling OK… really helped on the first day of Kindergarten.  She’s been handling that business like a pro.

So – – – – just a smattering of photos from her various camps and other summer tidbits.  Most were just a few hours here and there….some were 1/2 days…..and one camp was (blissfully) a full-day experience.  A full day camp at the aquarium.  The entire day with sea stars and fish and otters.  Yup.  She hated it.  But the tail end – the very last week of summer – was dance camp.  And not just dance camp, but tap & ballet dance camp.  With a Disney music theme.  And to top it off, her best friend in the whole world went with her.  I think that week made up for all the other suffering she did this summer.  For the record, with 5 year olds, All’s well that Ends well.


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