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Avid readers of my quaint little blog may remember that last year we spent Labor Day weekend exploring Eastern Washington, courtesy of some great friends and their hospitable, helpful parents.  Since then, Evelyn has often peppered conversations with her plans to grow up and move to the most magical place on Earth – Ellensburg, WA.  “It has rides, Mama.  And music.  And horses.  And ice cream.”  This is the epitome of all that is amazing in the world.  Her enthusiasm is completely genuine and absolutely infectious.

She’s really not wrong – it’s beautiful over there.  The desert sneaks up on you – suddenly the trees have thinned, the green is gone, and you feel like you can see forever…..yet there are entire neighborhoods hidden between the fields.  Coming from an agricultural community, it rings vaguely of home (cow pastures and corn fields always make me think of my childhood), and it’s a happy, relaxing feeling.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the drastic changes that happen to the landscape less than two hours away from my house.

We went back this year and Evelyn had another incredible time.  Claire, being a whole year older, had a much more exciting time and actually played a bit with her wee friend.  I was the only spoil sport in the bunch – – – I had caught some sort of bug and pretty much slept away the whole day before we left, as well as sleeping through our brunch plans with friends before leaving town.  Andrew and the girls came home to find me still in bed….when they’d hoped to find me showered and ready.  It didn’t matter how I felt, though – there was no way I was going to take Evelyn’s trip to Ellensburg away from her.  She loves our friends and their daughter – she adores their house and the land surrounding it – and she was ridiculously thrilled with riding all the rides at the fair.  Thanks again, J & E, for letting our family intrude on your home and making us feel so welcome!  Thanks again, A & S – sunny days with great people are always a treasure!


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