Team Oberdeck

Tree Hunting


Andrew and I have gotten our Christmas trees from different places every year for the past nine seasons.  We’ve done everything from a cut-your-own in a snowy winter wonderland to the Home Depot lot.  You know what?  They’ve all be lovely trees.  Each did a great job of holding ornaments and framing presents.

This year I saw a photo on someone else’s Facebook feed and said – I Want To Go To There.  The tree farm is located at the base of Mount Si, about 40 minutes from our house, and was just lovely.  Truth be told, we’d been avoiding tree farms recently because they tend to be So. Much. Work.  If you don’t do enough research, there are tears over not going to the playground or having to leave the playground or bouncy houses – or an animal at the petting zoo scared someone or bit someone or smelled terrible – or there’s a counter of tantalizing sweets that raise the sugar levels dramatically only to let them plummet ten minutes later into a sobbing heap at your feet.  And the mud.  Don’t forget the mud.  Then you have to get the durned thing home and in the stand and by the time you get to ornaments you’re sick of the stupid thing already.

Or maybe that’s just me.

So…..I didn’t have the highest of expectations in cutting down our own tree.  That said, this place was just the right fit for our family.  No gimmicks or rides or photo ops.  Just trees planted in a haphazard plot along a very bubbling creek.  We wandered through the lot – just another afternoon walking around near the mountains, but this time we got to keep one of the trees.  The girls had a great time getting muddy and running ALL over the place.  Andrew and I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of the city and getting some fresh air into our lungs (we’ve just kicked a stomach bug around here).  Anyway.  It was lovely, and if I dare say, this may be the prettiest tree we’ve ever had.

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