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Two weeks ago, our sweet little Claire turned two.  Can you believe it?

I could go on and on about the love and laughter this amazing girl has brought to our lives.  I can’t imagine either of my girls without the other any more.  I could also go on and on about all of Birthday Week, but I really want to get this blog posted, and the end of nap time is imminent.  So.

Thank you so much to a dear friend for sharing this video of singing to Claire.  I’m SO grateful to have it!

I did a sort of “Book” theme for her party.  Claire loves books, and very few people make it into our home without a request to read to her.  Poor Uncle Brad always get the request to read her favorite Princess Cookbook.  Of ALL the wonderful books we’ve got…..that’s what she gives him.  I’m about to declare a moratorium on Princess Anything coming into the house – we are far too saturated!  Anyway.  We picked out flowers, decorations, and foods that coordinated with her favorites.  I tried to fight the urge to go all Pinterest-y nuts.  In some ways, I did succeed……but then again…..I actually turned a cucumber into a whale.  I really did.  BUT – I will also say this – it could have been worse.  I edited a ton of projects off my idea list to keep my sanity AND I only did the projects I actually enjoyed.  Like the whale cucumber.  That was fun (I’m weird like that).

  • Monster cookies – Elmo & Cookie Monster
  • Blue icing on the rice krispie treats – Frozen
  • Blueberry Tartlets – Old Bear, by Kevin Henkes
  • Veggies w/ Dip and a cucumber whale – Baby Beluga
  • Chips & Salsa – sorta like a recipe from on her favorite books to page through….a princess cookbook.  I kid you not.
  • Pretzel wrapped hot dogs – Go Dog Go, Dr Seuss
  • Goldfish crackers – Brown Bear, Eric Carle
  • Tulips to decorate from Good Day, Kevin Henkes
  • Some quotes around the room of her favorite stories, like Little Blue Truck, Goodnight Moon, Birds, and Blue Hat Green Hat

She loves books so much she’d recently ripped up a copy of some Engl Lit book from Undergrad days… I cut some hearts out of it and turned it into a garland.  The whole thing actually came together really quickly – I bought the groceries on Saturday, baked that day, whipped up the few decorations that night, and our guests came over the next day.  Claire had a great time and we are thankful for all who were able to make it – we kept this one pretty small and it worked out beautifully.  It was great to visit with you all.  Thanks especially for the wonderful mail that arrived for her.  Claire is so well loved and we’re thankful for all the support from friends & family far & near.


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