Team Oberdeck

Pancake Breakfast

We are really happy with the elementary school in our neighborhood.  Evelyn’s teacher has done a fantastic job of seeing the expectations of a Kindergartner and balancing them with some reality – she brings in time for free play, socializing, and other “non academic” skills along with getting them excited to read & add.  It’s been amazing to watch her grow this year.  Woah.

It’s also a great community to be a part of – we’re getting to know more neighbors, be part of more events, and the school does a great job of getting families into the buildings with some regularity.  We recently had a pancake breakfast with a used book sale.  The committee collected books from students for weeks, then resold them for mere dollars and donated the unpurchased items.  It was awesome.  My girls love any excuse to play on the playgrounds there, so we basically made a day of it.  Evelyn is especially interested in worms right now, so she spent loads of time picking up and “rescuing” the worms that had washed out with the most recent rain.  *She “rescues” them by putting them in pools of water so they don’t dry out.  She refuses to accept that that actually kills them.  Anyway.  I got some fun photos.  Thought I’d share.  I don’t get the big camera out very often these days.

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