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Back in March, Claire started a pre-school program.  She only goes 1 day a week at the moment, for just a few hours.  It’s a drop-off program, though, which means I can sign her up for hours whenever I need them and only pay for what I use.  It’s basically brilliant.  Doctor’s appointment?  Dentist appointment?  Volunteering in the classroom?  Done.  She was a *wee* bit excited to go, too!

After about two weeks of going, I started to get the grumpy faces, and then on to the full-on, “Mama No Leave!” tantrums.  We’ve worked through it, though – to be honest, I’m not thrilled at most of the places I’m going either, but I think it’s really important for her to get some time in a structured play area with children her age.  So far, all her friends are either babies or Kindergarteners.  Oops.  Mama fail….and now Mama is trying to fix it.

Today at drop off there weren’t ANY tears.  Not one.  I have no idea how next week will go, but for today, it’s a PARTY!  We celebrated with cocoa.  I just love this little girl!






090315.104 090315.111

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  1. Oh, do I remember a little Evelyn in that outfit. I believe she “married” one Dylan C. while wearing it 🙂

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