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Last autumn, I thew my hands in the air and gave an ultimatum to my garden.  Then I took a shovel to it all and dismantled the whole set up.  It was so disappointing – part of the allure of this house was how the gardens were set up and appeared to be “move-in ready”.  Not so much.  I know they had been producing something for someone….but I have no idea how long it’d been, given the mass of roots in all the beds from the Japanese Maples and various conifers.

So. I chucked the existing beds and started new, which involved getting a whole mess’o’dirt delivered.  By the way – I HATE paying for dirt.  This was solid compost – a fantastic garden blend – and all of my plants throughout the yard have benefited.  Some consolation there.

The new grass has grown in nicely, the veggies we’ve planted are doing SO well – we’ll have radishes next week, and I expect to have some greens & broccoli already the week after that!  It’s lovely to finally reap some rewards from the gardening.  Super thankful for this little helper, too, as we moved the dirt around the yard 🙂

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