Team Oberdeck

Summer Bucket List

Wondering what we’ve been up to this summer?

I got inspired by an old friend from Milwaukee, who posts pictures on FB each time his family scratches something off their list of 100 Things To Do This Summer.  So we made one, too.  I didn’t post them on FB, but our photographic evidence is up on Flickr.  We haven’t gotten them all scratched off (yet!!), but we’ve had plenty of fun in the sun.  Here’s the list:

  1. Making S’mores
  2. Make & eat cookies
  3. Go Tide pooling
  4. Hang out at Vios for pastries & books
  5. Have a movie night w/ popcorn
  6. Join the Science Center
  7. Go to the Art Museum
  8. Eat watermelon
  9. Paint a picture
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Make AND eat popsicles
  12. Go to a splash pad
  13. Sleep in the tent
  14. Swim at the pool
  15. Go on a hike
  16. Ride bikes
  17. Take a road trip
  18. Go to the zoo
  19. Ride a ferry boat
  20. Earn some money & spend it
  21. Ride on an airplane
  22. Go see music outside
  23. Rent a canoe or kayak
  24. Go fishing
  25. See a play
  26. Play with a baby J
  27. Go get ice cream
  28. Go get more ice cream
  29. Fly a kite
  30. Read a book outdoors
  31. Watch trains @ Sculpture Garden
  32. Look for shapes in the clouds
  33. Find some ducklings
  34. Explore a new trail
  35. Find a new playground
  36. Play water-gun tag
  37. Eat al fresco
  38. Grow beans in the garden
  39. Visit a farmer’s market
  40. Pick wild raspberries in the park
  41. Hike in the arboretum
  42. See our attic
  43. Visit grandparents
  44. Play miniature golf
  45. Go on a giant slide at a fair
  46. Visit the crab tanks at Central Market
  47. Do ALL the puzzles
  48. Eat corn on the cob
  49. Join the summer reading club
  50. Go to the library downtown branch
  51. Hike the sunken bridges trail
  52. Swim at Magnuson Park
  53. Ride the downtown trolley
  54. Go to the beach J
  55. See some alpine wildflowers
  56. Lose a tooth!
  57. Drink Americanos in Canada
  58. See Caspar Babypants
  59. See an outdoor movie
  60. Play some soccer
  61. Climb a tree
  62. Try on a cowboy hat
  63. Visit the Mars Cheese Castle
  64. Go see the Rapunzel Tower in MKE
  65. Ride the El in Chicago
  66. Take a picture at The Bean (Chi)
  67. Build a driftwood fort on the beach
  68. Make a new friend
  69. Visit our cousins
  70. Play ALL DAY in the yard
  71. Visit a waterfall
  72. Eat BBQ
  73. Read The Secret Garden
  74. Ride the bus
  75. Drink lemonade
  76. Build an amazing pillow fort
  77. Go puddle splashing
  78. Have a dance party
  79. Give the neighbors a flower
  80. Mail a package
  81. Learn to latch hook
  82. Visit the Lego Store
  83. Take a walk on the Burke-Gilman
  84. Eat something fried at Ivar’s
  85. Watch the dancing fountains at Seattle Center
  86. Meet a friend at the playground
  87. Color something purple
  88. Get Deep Dish in Chicago
  89. Make some toasted ravioli
  90. Make applesauce with our apples
  91. Visit Sky Nursery and touch ALL the fountains
  92. Make something sparkly for the fairy garden
  93. Hang out with the Troll
  94. Rent a rowboat at Center for Wooden Boats
  95. Grab lunch from a food truck
  96. Count the dogs on a walk around Green Lake
  97. Check out a food festival
  98. Pick up some fresh flowers at the market
  99. Do the zip line at Madison Park
  100. See the SeaFair Pirates (somewhere!)
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