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Our Story

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It’s a classic story……Boy meets girl, Boy dates girl, Boy moves really far away…..

We grew up in/near St Louis, MO and met in undergrad.  Andrew graduated before me and left for further studies in Michigan – somehow we managed to endure the two years of long-distance dating.  I joined him in Michigan for an Americorps position and – after a few short months of living in the same state – we got engaged. We moved north where I completed a Masters program in Social Work.  We welcomed our daughter into our lives in July 2009 – she is the light of our lives.  I have since left my job in child welfare to stay home full-time – I also opened a side business in family photography – Bright Eyes Photographs.  In February 2013, just four months after moving to Seattle, we welcomed our second daughter through an open adoption.  Claire is an amazing gift and has completed our family in the most amazing and unexpected fashion.  Andrew and I are in awe of our girls and feel so fortunate to have our little family.

We love to be outside – we love to eat really good food – and we love to spend lazy afternoons with friends & family.  We are huge Cardinal’s baseball fans and love to  travel.    Having Evelyn & Claire along has changed our style, but in a good way.  It helps that our amazing friends are spread far & wide – having such wonderful people around motivates us to get out into the world!

Life goes by so quickly these days – we’re just trying to enjoy as much of it as possible.

*2 Family Photos credit to Amanda Reseburg at Type A Images;  Wedding photo credit to Cary Klein Photography.

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